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FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.75 – Professor Brown Visits the Future, Part 3

At long last, the trilogy is complete!

On this episode of YOUR FAVORITE movie podcast, join SportsGuy515 and Adolfo, along with special guest BIG D, as they finally complete the Back to the Future Trilogy by discussing its final entry, the gun-slinging and train-riding Back to the Future, Part III. PLUS:

-Should BTTF Part III be considered the “weakest” of the trilogy?

-The TWO DeLoreans in 1885 – is that a plot hole?

-The themes of spiritual success and legacy that permeate this film.

-Why Mary Steenburgen took the role of “Clara” in this film.

-The greatness of ZZ Top and “Double Back.”

-The awesomeness that was 1990 in film.

-More praise for Alan Silvestri

-The deleted scene involving “Marshall Strickland.”

-The homages to Clint Eastwood westerns are aplenty.

-The TALENT of Thomas F. Wilson, making each Tannen family member unique.

-The perfect ending to an incredible trilogy

-A preview of our review for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice…

-…and MORE!


FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.74 – Cloverfield Has Fallen

On this episode of FORCED PERSPECTIVE, join SportsGuy515 and Adolfo, along with special guest BRANDON DRAVEN, as they review recent 2016 releases Hail, Caesar!, London Has Fallen, The Witch, Triple 9, and 10 Cloverfield Lane. PLUS:

-A discussion on the recent trailers for Captain America: Civil War, Ghostbusters, Ben-Hur, and others

-Why Adolfo finds it difficult to recommend Hail, Caesar!

-The jingoistic xenophobia of London Has Fallen

-How The Witch earns its scares in a genre now known for cheap “jump scares”

-SportsGuy and Draven go through the ENTIRE PLOT of Triple 9 and examine how a film with such a stellar cast can FAIL so incredibly…

-Does the viral marketing aspect of the CLOVERFIELD franchise help or hinder the films in the long run?

-…and MUCH MORE!


The Essential Films Podcast: Episode 3 - THE GODFATHER (1972)

On this episode, Adolfo and Mark discuss the greatest gangster film (and arguably one of the top 5 films ever made... period) of all time: Mario Puzo's THE GODFATHER.

On this show:

• How were we introduced to the film for the first time?

• Who did Paramount want to direct the film before finally settling on Francis Ford Coppola?

• Our favorite scenes

• The beauty of Gordon "The Prince of Darkness" Willis' cinematography

• The behind-the-scenes stories behind some of the more iconic scenes

• The Johnny Fontane/Frank Sinatra connection

• Which famous actors tested for the parts of Michael and Sonny

• The three insane conditions Paramount gave Coppola if he insisted on hiring Marlon Brando

• How did the studio want to change and "update" the story from the book's original setting of 1940s New York?

• All this and much more. So leave the gun, take the cannoli and join us as we take it to the mattresses. It's an offer you can't refuse.



Hollywood’s biggest night of the year isn’t over until FORCED PERSPECTIVE talks about it!

Join SportsGuy515 and the returning Adolfo as they dissect and discuss this year’s ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony, ranging from many topics such as:

-The #OscarsSoWhite controversy and the atmosphere it created during the broadcast.

–Chris Rock’s incredible monologue and performance as host throughout the night.


-A brief tangent on girl scout cookies and which popular flavor Adolfo absolutely HATES…

-Sound editing vs. Sound mixing – do YOU know the difference?

-The disappointment in seeing Sylvester Stallone lose…

-Adolfo finally saw FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, and had THIS to say about it…

–Morricone and DiCaprio both win their first Oscar statues on the same night.

-How well will SPOTLIGHT age?

-Why, ultimately, the Oscars really DO matter…

-Adolfo’s DEADPOOL review and more on why the possible new trend of R-rated superhero films is a BAD idea…

-Adolfo calls out “poser” comic boo…