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100 Essential Horror Films - 2016 Edition

And here we are. Finally. Out of literally hundreds of suggestions, I have tallied the votes and have narrowed them down to an essential list of 100 horror films that every cinephile and horror enthusiast to watch. As explained earlier, this list was compiled by reaching out to fellow bloggers, critics, filmmakers, writers, podcasters, proprietors and Redditors. Each person submitted their top 10 list of films, ranked in order. Their number one choice was weighted more heavily than their number 10 choice. The "points" were counted and we now have a pretty spectacular list. A personal thanks to specific contributors will be posted at the end of this article.  But enough about that. Let's see what my esteemed colleagues think deserve to be placed in the horror film canon, as it were.

And here we go!

Before we get to the top 100, let's look at the runners up. Listed here are numbers 101-200, the films that received many votes but could not crack the Top 100.

101. Faust (19…